48 hour window... Lyon

Lyon_Claire Bingham-47.jpg

There’s an Opera House, a Fine Arts Museum, the bohemian district of la Croix-Rouge and two pretty rivers to traverse but for this 'little Paris' in the south east of France, gastronomy is it's most famous thing. Home to the Bocuse d’Or, the world’s most prestigious gastronomic event (so-named after the legendary Lyonnaisse chef Paul Bocuse) this foodie city has Michelin-starred restaurants coming out of its ears. More than that, it has a burgeoning entrepreneurial scene that allows brilliant young retailers, designers, artists and restauranteurs to make their mark. From the creatives behind Maison Laugier, a new perfume bar in the 1st Arr. to the eye-catching contemporary architecture of Musee des Confluences that forms part of the regeneration of the 2nd Arr, to all the cool urban art, there is more to this city than bouchons and patisserie. Photography Claire Bingham ©